Santorini Airport: Renovated and ready to welcome passengers with new services, more comfort, and more choices

This year’s tourist season will be welcomed in Santorini with a completely renovated airport that will offer a very pleasant experience to travelers on their arrival and departure on the island.

As part of its mandate for taking over management and operations at Santorini airport -among 14 airports in total – Fraport Greece realized a comprehensive plan for its modernization and development. The company’s plan included immediate projects and development works for upgrading the airports’ facilities, which will contribute significantly to improving the overall customer travel experience while responding to the expected increase in passenger traffic.


The projects that have been carried out are the following:

-Expansion by 12.900 m2 and refurbishment of the existing terminal
-Construction of new fire station
-Reconfiguration of the aircraft parking area
-115% increase in the number of check-in counters (from 8 to 17)
-Doubling of the number of baggage reclaim belts
-20% increase in the number of departure gates
-250% increase in the number of security-check lanes (from 2 to 7)
-Installation of modern baggage handling system
-Construction of new guardhouse
-Redevelopment of existing forecourt and parking

The airport is expected to be fully operational by the beginning of the new summer tourist season.

A new era for visitors and permanent residents of Santorini has already begun. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Santorini soon!

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